Home Watch PLUS

Another service we offer is Home Watch PLUS. This is short-term property management for
clients who are away from their homes for extended periods but don’t necessarily want to rent them out. Our reliable and capable home checks give property owners peace of mind. We travel to the property once a week, at different times, to look after your property, plus, we can schedule and manage repairs and upgrades in your absence, communicating back in the way that works for each client. 

  • Remove flyers from the door and pick up newspapers from the yard.
  • Check for leaks and any other signs of trouble in the property.
  • Run all water-using appliances as well as run all faucets and flush all commodes.
  • Plant and animal care. 
  • Mail and package pickup: Collect the mail, cull the obvious junk and send a photo of it to the client weekly. Forward mail to client upon request.
  • Start car engines to keep batteries fresh (note: this does not include driving them).
  • Make sure pool and lawn irrigation equipment are working properly.
  • Pay contractors like pool cleaners, lawn mowers, snow removal as well as housecleaners.

  • Schedule contractors for emergency repairs, if necessary; meet and oversee their work.
  • Prearrange for home upgrades and remodeling, oversee and manage all work.