Property Management

WholeHouse offers property management to residential properties with less than five tenants on an annual basis as well as short term. See Home Watch PLUS

Beyond being your go-to point of contact for all property repairs, Dave Person works with you in a more proactive way, and 
  • Formally assesses each of your buildings with a current 5-point building check-up and strategic care plan. Click here for details.
  • Creates a budget based on the immediate and future needs—small items and capital improvements. 
  • Is available for your tenants to contact when there are problems: assess the situation, and take care of routine repairs with an upgraded response time.  
  • Supervises physical property maintenance by routinely inspecting the buildings
  • Supervises outside contractors such as electricians and plumbing and obtain the best value for your money
  • Oversees contract services such as snow removal and lawn care.
  • Performs a periodic check of mechanical equipment to minimize wear and tear from improper operation

"David Person has been our point person for all tenant turnovers in three rental units for ten years. Estimated number of tenant turnovers handled are about twelve. In all three units we trust David to interface with our tenants regularly, addressing their concerns and protecting our real estate investments."  -- Ernie Howell